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Other People's Opinions

It's taken me a while to write this post; it seems strange after everything I've been through, and everything I've written about (fairly candidly if we're honest!) that this should be the thing I've found hardest to get out.

What happened was this - just over a week ago we had a visit from our social worker. This was particularly exciting because this was our real, actual social worker who is *ours* and will be with us throughout the rest of the process. It really felt like things were starting to move - exciting, scary, and everything in between.

The meeting went well; she seems really lovely, and as well as filling in all the official forms and handing over our next tranche of paperwork she also spent a lot of time just chatting with us about this and that - which was especially nice seeing as this was an evening appointment and she'd probably had a full days work already! I really enjoyed talking to her, and I felt that she was very interested in us as peopl…

It's been a bit quiet around here lately.

Well, it has - in adoption terms anyway!

I've been glad to have a bit of a break from it; time to process all that's happened in the last year, and time for my body to settle down again after the latest operation. I'm still struggling with fitness, and currently having more trouble with my back than I did pre-operation, but I'm plodding on, and trying to keep positive.

In other news, we ran a festival two weeks ago! It went brilliantly, and I managed to be much less involved in the actual day to day management of it than I have been in the past - partly due to having doubled our number of committee members in the last year - which bodes well for pulling back even more once little one comes along. We've started talking about how we're going to manage it - the difficulty is not knowing the timings of things (i.e. might we get a phonecall on the first of April that demands we drop everything immediately??) but I think that will become clearer in the next couple of…