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Prep groups Day 2

After a slightly shaky start (in my opinion!), I was really pleased that on Day 2 of the Preparation Groups we started to actually get our teeth in to some of the issues. I spoke to a few couples who had found Day 1 quite frustrating - lots of "We'll just mention this thing, but we're not going to talk about it now as we'll cover it later". Well - hurrah! - it's now later :)

We spent quite a bit of today talking about abusive situations, and thinking about the various things which our child may have experienced. We were split in to groups and each given a 'heading' to brainstorm under. When we came to share as a group there was something that I found really interesting; the group who had been brainstorming sexual abuse had written in detail about the (relatively) low level stuff - inappropriate touching, exposure to porn, etc - but had grouped a whole load of stuff together under 'sexual crimes'. Personally, I'm not sure how helpful that w…

Preparation Groups

I've just read my post-before-last, where we had just been given the dates for the Prep groups, and I said I thought the time would fly past - could not have been more right! It's been such a busy month and it was a bit of a shock last weekend to realise that we'd be heading off to Birmingham first thing Monday morning!

I wasn't sure what to expect from the groups, and I was quite nervous as we drove up. I was really surprised to find that there are 13 couples in our group; as someone who is quite used to training adults in a variety of settings this seems like a huge group even to me! It made it quite difficult to get to know many people, which I thought was a shame, although we've got three more days with this group, so hopefully we will get to know the others as we go through the process.

I had high expectations for the Preparation Groups; from everything I've read, or where I've heard people talk about them they are painted as this fantastic, mind-open…