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Two days ago we went to Adoption Panel, and were relieved to have their recommendation for approval - once the decision is ratified by the official agency decision maker, then we will be fully approved adopters!

It's been a tough journey so far, and although I have a feeling that the hard work is really only just about to begin, it's worth a little look back before we move on.

The reason this blog has been so quiet for the last couple of months is because we hit a big stumbling block about 6 weeks ago. Last time I posted we had just been to the final day of the prep groups, which, if you have been reading regularly, you will know were difficult. I thought that we had put all the problems behind us - we'd had the meeting with the social workers, talked through the issues, and I had very carefully kept myself to myself on Day 4 - so as not to be at risk of offending anyone, and so I could feel comfortable in my own self about attending the day with the social workers who had…