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A rollercoaster would be far preferable, to be honest.

In case you're wondering, a rollercoaster is how my social worker recently described the family finding process to me. I actually really like rollercoasters - they are exciting and scary, but at the same time operate within very strict limitations and systems so that you can be almost certain that regardless of how scary it may seem, (1) it's not actually going to hurt you, and (2) at some point soon it's going to stop. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the family finding process.

I haven't kept anywhere near as up to date with this blog as I'd intended to - one of the main reasons is that I'm finding this part of the process so incredibly difficult that it's actually far easier just to put it out of my mind and get on with my life. Naively I'd thought that the difficult bits were behind us (approval) and in front of us (when the child moves in) and I hadn't really even thought about what this bit would be like.

I wrote fairly extensively a…