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Here is a list of reasons that we have been rejected as potential matches for children (so far):

- they are already looking at other adopters (multiple times) who are more local to where the child currently lives (multiple times)
- they just want someone more local to where the child currently lives
- they are worried that my back problems mean I won't cope with a toddler (because Fairy came as a fully formed seven year old and I have never had to cope with a toddler before..?!)
- they think we are not enthusiastic enough about this particular child (a little hard to let yourself be too attached when you know there's a good chance you're going to get rejected)
- they didn't think we'd be able to cope with the child's needs (two I agreed with, one I have no idea why they thought that for this child as there was nothing in his profile that looked remotely difficult)
- they just decided to go with someone else (multiple times)
- the child is being taken out of the…