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So what happens now...?

This is the million-dollar question, and the one we have been trying to answer to various friends and family members since we told them our news. In summary - more waiting.

I tried to explain it to Fairy by using an analogy that there is a long line of people, and we have to work our way down the line persuading each new person that we are a good match for Tickle, and hoping that they will agree - but we can't move on to the next person before the one before them has said yes.

Our first yes came from Tickle's social workers - hurrah! Had we not had that we wouldn't have been anywhere near the line at all. Our second yes has come from - I think - Tickle's social worker's bosses and extended team of professionals. Apparently they had some sort of internal meeting where Tickle's social workers told them all about us and then they were allowed to express opinions and doubts about us, these people they have never met. But anyway, that was fine, they are happy to pro…

A story about a match

There have been a number of times over the last month that I have thought about updating this blog, but haven't quite done it.

The first time was on 4th August; Fairy and I were staying at my best friends' house for a few days at the start of the summer holidays, and I'd had an email notification from the Adoption Link website that there was a new profile to view. When I clicked on the link and looked at the profile I got butterflies in my stomach. I don't know what it was about this child, but something *got* me. I remember thinking "This is my child" followed immediately by something like "What a ridiculous thing to think. Don't get your hopes up. You *know* there's more to it than that". It might sounds like I was being a bit hard on myself, but I had a point - matching is a fairly clinical, objective process, and at the stage of looking at a child's profile it matters very little whether I instantly fall in love with him and consider…