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Today is a difficult day

Today is a difficult day. It is 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, I have gone back to bed, and I'm not moving for love nor money.

Thing #1 that I try to remember today: I chose this, Tickle did not. Thing #2 that I try to remember today: it's ok if I'm not exceptional all the time.
Today I feel about as far from a successful parent as I could possibly be. There are a number of reasons for this - I've been unwell for *ages* and I'm really struggling to bounce back from it; it seems like every time I think I might be getting better the cough comes back, my throat starts to hurt again, and I start going through tissues at a rate of knots. I didn't sleep well at all last night either, and I've been stressing a lot lately about going back to work too soon, particularly as I don't feel 100%.
This morning Husband and I were woken up around 6.30 by a sobbing, screaming Tickle, who climbed in to our bed and cried proper, proper tears, screaming and kicking - because he…