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A post about food

A slightly random blog topic for me, today I want to write about food. I've been trying to take better care of myself and eat better - fewer takeaways for Husband and me, and a bit less on the chicken-nuggets-and-chips thing for the kids - whilst at the same time trying not to run myself in to the ground doing it. I'm quite pleased with myself over one particular bit of cooking, so I thought I'd share, in case there are any frazzled parents out there in need of inspiration!

I absolutely love roast pork, so one weekend when T was very happily playing with husband I roasted up a nice big shoulder of it. Shoulder is my favourite cut to buy - it's a bit cheaper, and you get a nice lot of meat as well as some crackling usually! It's also dead easy to cook and comes out nicely.

HOW TO COOK: (skip this bit if you already know..!) Make sure the skin is scored so you can break the crackling up, and then rub olive oil and salt in to it. Stick it in a roasting tin and then bu…