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Life after Adoption Order

It's been a funny old journey, leading us towards our final court date and the moment when Tickle will legally become our son.

When Tickle was first placed with us, the message loud and clear from the local authority was 'We think it would be really great if you adopted him ASAP (no pressure)'. By the time of our second LAC review, our IRO (Independant Reviewing Officer) was saying we ought to put the brakes on, things were obviously challenging and there was no need to rush in to a decision. After LAC review number three we were called in to an emergency placement planning meeting; birth parents had started getting vocal again, and as we were nearing the anniversary of Tickle's removal from the family home the team were keen to get moving with the Adoption Order so as not to give BPs any additional ammunition to contest it. Enter LAC review number four and the IRO is in a state of near panic, asking why this has all been rushed through and concerned that we're not…

Making a choice

I've had a couple of blog posts rumbling around in my head for a while, but this is neither of them. Something happened this evening, and I just need to write it out, to get my head round it. It wasn't really a thing, as such, more of a moment, but I think a fairly significant one.

All of us, me Husband, Fairy, and Tickle have been feeling the strain of the summer holidays. Funnily enough, Tickle is the one who seems the most predictable at the moment - predictably inconsistent, anxious, loopy, angry, but still, all behaviours in line with the Tickle we have come to know and love. In the meantime, Husband has discovered where the end of his tether is (which came as a bit of a shock to him), I am my usual emotional self, and Fairy... well I'm a bit worried about her at the moment.

For those who may read this and not know our back story, Fairy is my birth daughter from my previous marriage. She's just turned nine (she was six when we started the adoption process) and she…