An amazing thing

An amazing thing just happened. 

Tickle and Fairy have had a nice afternoon playing together (mostly - only one incidence of hitting..!) and then she decided to read him a story before bedtime. 

Next thing I know she runs out of his room crying; it turns out she had asked to borrow one of his books and he'd not only said no, but pretty much shouted it in her face, repeatedly. Bit of a blow when she's been sharing her toys and playing with him all afternoon, poor thing.

I go in to talk to Tickle, who is pretty agitated, saying "My house, my room, my books, I said no!" over and over. He's obviously not ready to share anything, and I tell him that's ok. 

I also tell him that Fairy is upset, not really because of the sharing, but because of the way he refused, shouted at her etc. We have to go over it quite a lot, with various examples of times when Fairy has shared her toys and how it made Tickle feel, times when someone had shouted and how it made Tickle feel, etc etc. All this time he is adamant that they are his books and no one else can have them, and equally as adamant that he doesn't like Fairy to be upset and she should basically cheer up.

Eventually, when I have explained about the shouting for approximately the fifteenth time, he suddenly says "OK, I understand." Then he says:

"How about this. Tomorrow in the morning we will go on the trampoline together, then go to school, then I will share Fairy my book."

Jaw on the floor moment. So many little moments, in fact, even before you get to the big moment. 

Anyway, we called Fairy up, he announced his plan, they had a hug and now he is asleep. He was pretty concerned that she was still upset, so I explained a couple of times that she was feeling much better now, because he had offered to share and that had made her happy.

"What a kind thing!" he exclaims, utterly delighted with himself :)


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