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LAC review updates and Good News

I've just come out of our LAC review slightly gobsmacked. Not least because it was our first one that clocked in under three hours (by five minutes, but still!) but because it seems that people have actually listened. 
I feel a bit as though my chronic preparation for the meeting may have been a bit unnecessary - nobody mentioned the email I wrote yesterday outlining the main points I wanted to cover, for example - but, sure enough they were discussed, and what's more, people had actually come to the meeting prepared with solutions. 
By far the most surprising was that Social Services said they would like to offer us four hours per week of respite, to take the form of someone coming in to our home after school to give us a hand. We have been asking for respite for the best part of a year and had been told categorically no on many occasions, so this is *huge*. Next step is taking this to their senior managers and resource panel to get it approved; I may have subtly interjected at…


I've just found a draft of a half-written blog post from nearly two months ago. It was really interesting to read, as it was about a day that I can remember so clearly as the point where acceptance of our situation started to creep in. More about that later; first, here's the original post...


I have written about half a dozen blog posts in my head since the last time I wrote anything up here, but nothing seemed quite the right thing to commit to forever-dom on the worldwide web. Also I've had the flu, have been feeling rotten for nearly a month, and what spare brain power I have had has been dedicated to preparing for going back to work. Grumble.

Anyway, that's another story. Here's the one that made the blog: this week has been half term, and last Friday we all went off to a local playgroup for children with Special Needs. It's run by a parent, and supported by the Out of School Liaison Officer (I didn't know they even existed!) from Tickle's scho…


Since I've done a few moaney posts lately I thought I'd do a more positive one today, and document some of the changes I've seen in Tickle's play, which I find absolutely fascinating.

Cars are the obsession, the fail-safe, the comfort. It's not just cars though really, it's cars coupled with something for them to roll down. When we first met Tickle he did almost nothing else apart from roll cars down the slide on his toy garage. When he got bored of cars, he'd switch to trains, and then back again. All. Day. Long. (I'm sure there was at least one day we put things down a slope for about six hours..!)

I did notice from quite early on that Tickle wasn't just mindlessly rolling the cars, but also using them to play out various scenarios. For example, when we first introduced the idea of 'kiss it better' for bumps, we spent the next two days kissing his cars as they fell prey to a variety of mysterious injuries. He also gave his cars names, for …

Don't want to say I told you so...

OK, I admit it. That's a lie. I absolutely want to say I told you so.

I'm a bit frustrated this evening, as I've just got back from Tickle's first session at gymnastics club. I know the club pretty well, as it's the one Fairy has been going to for years, and last week I had a really long chat with one of the owners, explaining our situation, saying that Tickle was keen to join, but that he would need 1:1 support to be able to fully access the activities and also to keep him focused, feeling secure, and behaving properly. Tickle gets DLA (Disability Living Allowance) because of his learning needs, so I offered to pay for an extra coach so that he could have someone with him at all times - plus me on the sidelines for backup and reassurance. Yes, yes, this was all fine, I was told. We have loads of coaches on a Friday, so why not come along for the first week and see how he gets on, and if we need to hire someone else we will do, but I'm sure he'll be fine. (…

All the small things

As with most things in life, with adoption you spend a lot of time preparing for the big things, only for the small things to creep up on you and remind you that you don't actually know everything after all. Here are some of the small things I have noticed about my son in the 26 days I have known him:


Husband and I have had to repeatedly reinforce that (1) it is ok for Tickle to cry if he hurts himself, and (2) he does not have to apologise afterwards. The foster carers had made quite a bit of progress with this, but yesterday on the walk to school Tickle tripped over (like, total face-plant) and instead of automatically bursting in to tears he went rigid and started shaking silently, as if he was trying his utmost to hold himself together. He had so much tension throughout all his body; it was quite scary. I scooped him up in a big hug, stroked his back and said "It's ok to cry" in his ear and it was like a sudden release - he absolutely howled.


He doesn'…