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This is it, then.

A fair amount has happened in the month since my last post. I had intended to keep this blog bang up to date (best laid plans, and all that..!) but when it came to it, I really struggled to find the words to describe how I was feeling. It took me about a week and a half to really process what happened at panel, and even after that it just didn't seem real. Husband and I pretty much just carried on as normal, as if even mentioning our forthcoming introductions might somehow jinx them..!

I'll go back a little way to bring you up to date. Our panel was amazing - so unlike what I expected; friendly, supportive, and a really positive and affirming experience. They were trying a new thing, where the potential adopters attend the whole panel meeting (unlike our approval panel, where most of the questions were directed at our social worker and we just came in at the end) so we were in there right from the start and made to feel a real part of the decision. The panel chair who came out…