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Since I've done a few moaney posts lately I thought I'd do a more positive one today, and document some of the changes I've seen in Tickle's play, which I find absolutely fascinating.

Cars are the obsession, the fail-safe, the comfort. It's not just cars though really, it's cars coupled with something for them to roll down. When we first met Tickle he did almost nothing else apart from roll cars down the slide on his toy garage. When he got bored of cars, he'd switch to trains, and then back again. All. Day. Long. (I'm sure there was at least one day we put things down a slope for about six hours..!)

I did notice from quite early on that Tickle wasn't just mindlessly rolling the cars, but also using them to play out various scenarios. For example, when we first introduced the idea of 'kiss it better' for bumps, we spent the next two days kissing his cars as they fell prey to a variety of mysterious injuries. He also gave his cars names, for …